Words To Live By Giveaway Rules

All Words To Live By subscribers are automatically entered into all giveaways and contest.

If you have not joined the in box photo-comment sharing lists, you can do so on the following url. http://takingcare.website

A random winner will be selected from our list of Word To Live By subscribers. Notification to the winner will be submitted via email. The winner will then be required to respond back through original notification email with the address of where to send prize included. If the winner does not respond within seven days of winning, he or she forfeits their winnings. A alternative drawing will take place on the eighth day after the 7th day waiting period. This process will be repeated until an official winner has complied to response rule requirements.
Giveaway gifts are shipped directly to the winner from the manufacturer.

Words To Live By Giveaways
are FREE to enter and FUN to win.

Good luck!

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